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Why the East Fork Learning Center?

In 1986, I purchased my first computer, an Apple IIc, replacing that in 1988 with an Apple Macintosh SE/30.  They opened a whole new world to me;  immediately I could see the huge creative potential of this new technology, even if the technology was rather primitive at the time.

In the early 1990s, a new frontier began to emerge:  the internet.  After reading "Spinning the Web" by Andrew Ford, I immediately taught myself HTML 2, the language of the internet at the time;  in 1993, I  built a virtual gallery using my Apple Power Macintosh 8100, Adobe PhotoShop 2.5, a text editor and then,  jumped on the newly evolving internet.  I never looked back.

There has been a lot to learn and apply, not only from the technical aspects of maintaining a web site, but artistically as well -- changing the way I perceive my world, and affecting the way I feel about the creative process, especial within my chosen medium of photography. 

As artists, we were no longer bound geographically, giving us a chance to share our creative energies and vision without limit.  The World-wide Web was truly a global hotbed of creativity, allowing us to move beyond the constraints of the conventional, as well as master new creative tools born from this marvelous technology -- which brings me to the Learning Center.

I'm still trying to solidify the concept;  but, with the East Fork Learning Center, I'm looking for a way to develop more creative interaction between artists, as well as those who experience the results of their vision -- to provide a new canvas for nurturing this interaction, while contributing to the global art vision.

The possibilities are infinite.  I've considered the mixture of words and images, along with digital technology;  or starting a community project, providing a medium for artists to contribute to an ongoing work of art;  or possibly, posting the evolution of one of my own images, either after the fact or during its development;  or, it could be a combination of any of these ideas.  I suppose that in the end, the East Fork Learning Center will become the art, taking on a life of its own.

Suggestions, feedback and ideas concerning the East Fork Learning Center are encouraged -- please do not hesitate to contact me.