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Caring for & Displaying Photographs

Do not display any fine art in strong ultraviolet light, such as direct sunlight and/or unfiltered Halogen lamps;    choose a place where the lighting is open and indirect.  When lighting your images, use only low level tungsten lamps or low level Halogen lamps that have been specifically filtered for ultraviolet light.

All two dimensional art should be framed and displayed under glass to protect the image surface from the environment.  Glass adds another layer of protection against ultraviolet light.

When cleaning the glass, do not spray the cleaner directly on the glass -- the cleaner could inadvertent- ly run under the edge of the frame, contaminating the mounting material or art;  spray your cloth first, and then, wipe the glass clean.

If you are not framing your two dimensional art immediately, then store the artwork flat, in an archival portfolio box, preferably in a cool, dry, dark environment.