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Trapper Creek Gallery

The Trapper Creek Gallery is dedicated to celebrating the spirit and natural beauty of the Wyoming landscape, and exhibit- ing the creative vision of Stephen Jay Lunsford.

Stephen honed his photographic vision for over 40 years by processing gelatin silver photographic negatives and prints in a traditional “wet” darkroom.  However, during the early 1990s, he began to experiment with the emerging digital processes, until he finally made the conversion from “wet” to “digital” darkroom in 1996.

Before you experience Stephen’s delicate and beautiful original fine art digital (giclée) photographs, a short note on presentation.

It's extremely difficult to show the subtle range and tapestry of the hues, textures and emotions embodied in the original work on your digital screen.  Monitors vary considerably in their rendering capabilities associated with resolution, color calibration and depth.  Extreme care has been taken during the digitalization process of Stephen’s photographs, ensuring optimum representation of the delicate qualities embodied in these unique works of art.

Now, select a destination by “touching” one of the photographs below and enjoy the journey………………..

All Images ©1964 - 2016 Stephen Jay Lunsford,  All Rights Reserved

All Images Embedded with Searchable Copyright Information, as well as

digitally watermarked with ownership and usage information.

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